In 2013, Events Edmonton provide over $80,000 in support to various community groups and service clubs through partnerships and donations.  We pride ourselves on supporting local, impactful, charitable organizations through monetary donations and partnerships.  One of our core pillars is giving back to the community we live in and we are careful with the organizations we choose to support.    We believe that the only way we can get better as a community is by supporting those who do so much to better our City.

Some of those great organizations include:

Hope Mission

Without Hope Mission, our events wouldn’t be as clean and garbage free as they are.  They have teams of incredible, friendly individuals who help maintain the clean up, especially at the Taste of Edmonton site.  We provide an honorarium to their organization for all of their hard work and also provide additional donations through our “Donate a Ticket” program.

Hope Mission is truly tied to our beautiful City.  Established in Edmonton in 1929 as a soup kitchen within Edmonton’s inner-city serving meals to hundreds of people struggling with unemployment and homelessness at the onset of the Depression.  They continue this great work today helping men, women and children in our community in a variety of ways.

To learn more, please visit Hope Mission’s website.


Looking for a great volunteer opportunity?

We are constantly looking for new volunteers for our upcoming events!

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